About Smart Meter Franking

Some Awesome Smart Meter Features & Benefits

Why Choose A Smart Meter franking machine?

Reclaim & Calculate VAT

If you use ANY Royal Mail service that is liable to VAT, then smart meter technology is a must in your franking machine. If you use a service that is exempt from VAT, the franking machine will record this and it will be able to be used to generate a VAT invoice. VAT can be reclaimed and time will then be saved by your accounting department.

Reduce Human Error

All VAT products and services will automatically be recorded. This data will be accurate and will eliminate the need to collect receipts for any paid VAT. This data is accessible via the franking machine.

Monitor Expenditure

Every time a smart franking machine is used it will automatically monitor your expenditure. If you wish to know what specific mail services are costing you more or being used more often, the franking machine will tell you.

Happier Accounts

A job that can be very boring is submitting a VAT claim. Without the correct data you cannot figure out exactly what you are owed. Smart meter technology however will store this information on the franking machine whenever a VAT service or product is used. All accessible at the touch of a few buttons.

Smart Blue Franking

A smart franking machine requires users to frank mail in smart blue ink instead of red ink. This improvement allows mail items to be processed quicker and easier as more readable franking impressions are being produced.

Mailmark Technology

Many smart franking machines also possess the latest Mailmark franking technology. This means more and more users can take advantage of the latest and freshes franking technologies together. Find out more about Mailmark franking here.

Who Benefits From Smart Meter?

Any business can benefit from the latest smart meter franking technology. If your business uses any VAT liable services or products then a smart franking machine is required. However, even if you do not use VAT liable services, franking mail in smart blue ink will help improve the look of your mail and make your franking impressions more readable - which in turn will result in faster delivery times.

So what Do You Do?

If you are currently franking mail in red ink then we suggest that you upgrade to a Smart Meter & Mailmark compliant franking machine. These technologies will benefit any current franking machine user. If you are currently franking mail in smart blue ink then we would imagine you have already made the switch which is great. If you still wish to find out more however, please contact us today on 01543 572 776.

Do you want a quick franking machine quote?

Here at Franking Machine Guide we can offer you a quick and easy Mailmark franking machine quote!

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