Franking Machine Benefits

A franking machine can prove and has proven to be a valuable asset to any company and its mailroom. Why? Because they come with a wide array of benefits that stamps simply do not bring. Whether it is the speed of which franking occurs or the amount you can save, there are many franking machine benefits waiting for users of a franking machine. Find out more about these benefits below.

Reasons to use a franking machine

Postage Discounts

The postage discount is one of the main reasons businesses choose to frank mail. The price of a frank is by far cheaper than a stamp. Every item you frank can save you money in comparison to stamps. With the release of Mailmark this postage discount is even greater!

Save Time

It is no hidden fact that a franking machine operates at much faster speeds than any human. Even an entry level machine franks up to 20 letters per minute. This means time can be saved and therefore used for more important jobs in and around the business.

Professional Image

A franked mail item can be customised for your business so that it contains a logo or some promotional text. The franking impression produced will be clean, crisp and accurate. This will present a much more professional image to businesses and your customers.

Increased Security

A franking machine means that you will no longer need to store and use stamps in the office. No more worry about lost or damaged stamps as your postage is kept safe and secure in your PIN code secured franking machine.

No More Miss Paying

Eliminate the risk of over or under stamping as a franking machine will ensure accurate postage is always applied. Almost all modern franking machines come with a weighing scale as standard which allows you to get the correct postage, dial it in to the machine and frank it. Job done!


A franking machine can connect to the internet for any postage updates or software downloads. When doing this either a fast and secure LAN or Wi-Fi connection can be setup which offers many benefits in comparison to an analogue line.

Smart Meter Franking

Smart meter technology brings with it many added benefits. Frank mail in professional smart blue ink, report on postage costs, access more VAT applicable services & products, reclaim back paid VAT and more. Find out more about Mailmark franking here.

Mailmark Franking

Mailmark technology brings with it many added benefits as well. It offers lower postage discounts, automatic postage rate updates, much faster postage downloads and more. Find out more about Mailmark franking here.

Do you want a quick franking machine quote?

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