How To Use A Franking Machine

If you are new the franking machine industry, or new to franking in general, you may not know how to use a franking machine. However, you do not need to worry as it is quick and easy to learn how to use a franking machine. The franking process will differ ever so slightly depending on the franking machine that you use, but it is vital that you get this process correct every time.

You must ensure that the mail you send has the same day that it is franked; the impression produced must be legible and placed correctly on the envelope/franking label in the correct smart blue ink (unless specified differently). Learning how to operate and use a franking machine is simple for all and the below steps should help you to understand how to frank your mail.

The perfect guide to knowing how a franking machine operates


Correct Postage Rates

First of all, check that the latest and correct postage rates are installed on the machine. Most modern machines do this automatically but it is still important to check.


Weigh Your Item

Next weigh your mail item via the franking machines integrated scales. If the machine uses digital scales then the weight will automatically be inputted.


Your Requirements

Next select the class and service you wish to use for your mail you are franking. Choose any further requirements such as airmail, as well as a business message and/or logo if you wish to frank this as well.


Ready To Frank

Once all of this has been setup, you are ready to frank. Place your envelope or franking label upwards on the feeder and feed it into the machine (some machines do this automatically). Your letter or franking label will then appear out the other end of the machine, with all the correct data, ready to be posted.

Once all your mail has been franked, you must sort it by class type. First class mail goes into the red postage bags and second class mail goes in the green postage bags. They should then be dropped off at the post office. All mail bags must be securely fastened with an elastic band.

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