How Does A Franking Machine Work

Franking machines have been around for a very long time and for many years they have been helping businesses of all sizes grow during this modern age of technology. Sending mail has never been easier or quicker for businesses and mailrooms have never been so efficient.

However not every business in the UK uses a franking machine and many are new to the industry. Knowing how a franking machine works and operates is all new to many businesses nationwide. Read our guide below to get a better understanding of how a franking machine works.

The perfect guide to knowing how a franking machine operates



First of all, place your letter/parcel on to the scales. These should be integrated in to the machine. You will get the exact weight of the mail item, meaning now risk of over or under paying for postage.


Size & Service

Next you need to select the desired size of the mail piece and the desired service that you wish to use. This is your choice.


Professional Message

If you wish you can add a professional business message to your letter/parcel. This is done by using the franking machines inbuilt buttons and screen. Promote the business at no added cost.


Postage Costs

The franking machine will now calculate the correct postage price for you - automatically! This will allow users to benefit from the discounted Royal Mail prices.



Now you need to insert an envelope or franking label into the printer slot on the machine so that it can be franked. The correct date, correct postage, company logo/message and unique 2D (Mailmark machines) will be franked.



Your mail is now ready to be posted. This can be done at your local post office or Business Posting Box (using late meter posting envelopes). It’s as quick and simple as that really!

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